What is Pre Employment Screening?

This evaluates an applicant’s health and fitness for an occupation regarding the requirements of that job matched against the physical and mental health of the applicant in order to ensure good person-job match.

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How is Pre Employment Screening carried out?

Option 1: Pre Employment Questionnaire

This explores the health of the applicant through their declaration by means of a health questionnaire. The questionnaire focuses on previous medical history, social history and family history. It is assessed by a member of HealthForce’s Occupational Health team and a fitness conclusion is supplied to the employer.

Option 2: Pre Employment […]
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What happens if abnormalities are found at the pre employment stage?

When this occurs it will be necessary to establish if the problem(s) will restrict the applicant from being able to successfully carry out the occupation without risk to their health and safety or that of others. Actions will include:

  • Obtaining further information from the applicants GP (with informed consent)
  • Referral for specialist consultation if required
  • Identify if possible […]
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What are the benefits of pre-employment screening?

  • Avoid mistakes which will cost employer financially
  • Reduce risk of litigation
  • Reduce the incidence of sickness absence
  • Provide baseline health information (on entry and exit to organisation)
  • Ensure good job-person match
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