Dark Fibre. Plain. Simple.

Welcome to Crosslake Fibre

Fibre is the technology that powers the Internet.
Crosslake Fibre is bringing fibre to Canadians and carriers throughout the country to enable new ways to connect.

Our Network

The network is designed as a high fibre count, system between downtown Toronto and downtown Buffalo. The route was specifically designed to provide numerous advantages to carrier and enterprise users.

Our Services

We don’t try to be everything to everybody. We focus exclusively on our core service offering.

Only Route to Cross the Lake

Crosslake Fibre is the only route to bring physical diversity by transiting Lake Ontario to connect the United States and Canada.


Lower Latency

Crosslake Fibre provides a low latency fibre route between Toronto and Buffalo and is a shorter path between Toronto and NY/NJ.


Latest and Most Advanced

Crosslake Fibre is using the latest and most advanced technology and methods of construction to provide a carrier grade, future proofed network.


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