(DENVER and TORONTO) — October 13, 2022 – Power 100 Is Only as Good as Its Impact on Customers

Recently our CEO of Crosslake Fibre, Mike Cunningham, was named to Capacity Magazine’s Power 100 – a global index of the most influential people in the wholesale carrier and ICT communities.

And for good reason. In just the past year, under Mike’s leadership, we’ve completed CrossChannel Fibre, a next-gen subsea fibre network connecting the UK and France, and upgraded the most direct network between Canada and the US across Lake Ontario.

Known as an industry disruptor, Mike has developed some of the most groundbreaking and customer-centric service options on the market today. Read ahead for a few examples of the ambitious and creative projects Crosslake has installed so far with Mike as our CEO.

Innovation Over Imitation

Mike is a renowned thought leader, but what truly sets him apart in our line of business is his ability to execute – to turn big ideas into real-world solutions.

Take CrossChannel, the first subsea fibre optic cable spanning the English Channel since 2000. It’s no secret that a subsea cable’s approximate service life is 25 years. Simple math reveals that the legacy infrastructure was swiftly becoming outdated and vulnerable, leaving the UK at serious risk of digital isolation. We were not the first or only company to think about a new subsea build, of course. But Mike took us from brainstorming to building.

Crosslake stepped up to build a much-needed, modernized network. Not rebuild to buy five more years of life out of the original infrastructure. Instead of following a dated blueprint, we drafted a new one. Rather than waiting for a failure to fix a problem, we were able to foresee the vulnerabilities and fashion proactive solutions. The result is CrossChannel, the highest capacity, lowest latency, newest infrastructure with a 50% reduction in ILAs. Our smart network design reduces equipment and utility costs, ultimately lowering the TOC for our customers.

Disruptive Developments

Additionally, Crosslake has rolled out two customer-centric service offerings this past year that have reimagined the customer experience for high capacity bandwidth – metered dark fibre and a 90-day trial period. Disrupting the status quo creates advantages for our customers…and our competitor’s customers. This is a positive development in our industry.

Mike understands that first and foremost we’re in the business of creating the world’s best user experiences and elevating the ITC industry. So, as we transform how our fibre services are packaged and priced, we know other carriers will follow suit with their own versions. And nothing is more customer-centric than competing for business! We’re so confident in the quality of our products and customer service that we’re genuinely excited to disrupt the industry at such a large scale to create new lanes of competition for ourselves.

Metered Dark Fibre

Under Mike’s leadership, Crosslake developed the world’s first metered dark fibre pricing model, deploying historically cost-prohibitive dark fibre to businesses that otherwise could not justify the capital expense. Instead of standard leases or an IRU, we measure light levels on an organization’s dark fibre line, generating an invoice based on quarterly utilization. This business-friendly service enables smaller companies to take capacity with us by only paying for the levels they’ve used.

90-Day Trial Period

Crosslake also introduced a 90-day trial period, allowing companies unfettered access to test and configure the network before deploying. By delivering services ahead of the billing date, we’ve de-risked the decision to take capacity with Crosslake. Now, other carriers are offering their own variations of trial periods, and we expect this will benefit our industry as a whole.

While we continue future-proofing infrastructure and building high-performing network routes for our enterprise customers, we’re also keenly focused on introducing innovative service solutions that surpass our field’s standards.

So, if you’re looking for what’s next in ICT…with our leadership, we’re what’s next.

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