Latency-sensitive applications require constant evaluation and optimization, including specific routing to minimize extraneous distance. To support emerging financial services technologies and products, Crosslake has built into the TSX and now offers the lowest latency connectivity between NY/NJ and Toronto.

Network planners can now receive a comprehensive Crosslake KMZ kit, which includes…

  • Custom KMZ with client-supplied endpoints
  • Network overview
  • Product dossier
  • Pricing list

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About Crosslake Fibre

Crosslake Fibre only does one thing, so we do it well. We deliver high-bandwidth, diverse routes in strategic locations with the goals of reducing latency, offering physical path separation and promoting competition – all in service to our customers and their business requirements. Our structure is lean, nimble and efficient so our customers deal directly with engineers and leadership who can respond quickly and make decisions.