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Developing innovative products or launching additional capabilities often requires upgrading network connectivity. But adding bandwidth or standing up a purpose-built introduces a certain amount of risk. 

Now you can access a unique 90-day trial program to remove the barriers to evolving your network. Crosslake Fibre specializes in connectivity for latency-sensitive applications as well as those needing scalable, diverse routes between strategic endpoints, both nationally and internationally.

Unlike most carriers, our mission is to compete for your business. Together, we can prepare a business case and deliver a 90-day trial to demonstrate the advanced capabilities of our Velocity ULL services between New York and Toronto.

See if you qualify for our 90-day proof of concept program now.

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About Crosslake Fibre

Crosslake Fibre only does one thing, so we do it well. We deliver high-bandwidth, diverse routes in strategic locations with the goals of reducing latency, offering physical path separation and promoting competition – all in service to our customers and their business requirements. Our structure is lean, nimble, and efficient so our customers deal directly with engineers and leadership who can respond quickly and make decisions.