Use Case Spotlight: Scaling from Zero with Crosslake Fibre’s Metered Dark Fibre

We’re excited to kick off our use case series by showcasing how our Metered Dark Fibre (MDF) offering is ideal for businesses introducing a new route or supporting growth from ground zero.

Our MDF service:

  • Offers a low entry point, enabling scaling from zero with our flexible pay-as-you-grow model.
  • Ensures a tangible ROI even on small levels of capacity.
  • Removes uncertainty around capacity requirements and timing, eliminating large fixed costs.
  • Facilitates quick ramping of capacity to accommodate major customer wins, promoting success-based ROI.
  • Provides a lower cost of entry, reducing obligation before making significant commitments.

Whether you’re a subsea cable developer or an enterprise looking to expand, our MDF offering revolutionizes the traditional dark fibre approach. Explore the first of our three-part series and discover how you can scale from zero with Crosslake Fibre! 🌐💼