Use Case Spotlight: Route Migration with Crosslake Fibre’s Metered Dark Fibre

We’re back with the second part of our use case series, focusing on route migration. Our Metered Dark Fibre (MDF) offering isn’t just about scaling, it’s also a powerful tool for those looking to migrate their existing routes with significant cost savings and increased flexibility.

Here’s how MDF can revolutionize your network migration process:

  • Overcome duplication of cost, one of the biggest hurdles in network migrations. Our MDF service eliminates long-term commitments and associated costs.
  • Manage capital costs efficiently as there’s no need to mirror the route or purchase additional hardware upfront.
  • Migrate at your own pace without worrying about duplicating large fixed costs.
  • Avoid the necessity to purchase additional hardware for migration, enabling a card-by-card transition.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to change endpoints without duplicating fixed costs or incurring substantial capital expenditure.

Join us on the second leg of our use case journey and discover how Crosslake Fibre’s MDF can make your network migration seamless and cost-effective. 🌐💼